One Hour Full Body Massage

Come enjoy luxury and therapy rolled into an hour of warmth and relaxation in our one hour full body massage,

90 Min Full Body Massage

All the luxury and benefits of massage with that extra half an hour to focus more attention to needed areas.

Hot Stone Massage 

Hot stone is a great way to add more benefits to your massage using both heat and stone to relax the body.

Variety of Additional Services

View our list of additional services including hand,foot and facial massage,sugar scrubs and a variety of services to combine.

My  —  
Massage and Wellness Philosophy

It is my mission at Shalom to facilitate healing through a variety of modalities, to facilitate healing to each individual through accessible, natural, affordable and personal modalities unique to the individual. 

Using a variety of modalities serves you,the client ,to facilitate healing of the body, mind and spirit. Whether it is recovery from a physical challenge, dependency or life there is an modality to fit your needs, to assist you in becoming your authentic, optimal self!

I believe there must be a healing of the body, mind, and spirit in order to obtain the most authentic you!

I bring a multi disciplinary approach to healing through my training as a nurse, massage therapist, yoga instructor, dance background, fitness instructor, nutrition, and meditation.

I am able to serve my clients individual needs, facilitating the most optimal benefits for the client to reach their goals of wellness.

The  benefits of massage include stress relief, reduction of anxiety, better rest and the improved over all health of the individual.Once considered a luxury, massage is considered to be part of the holistic approach to better quality of  health.

At Shalom no matter the type of massage I strive to bring only the highest quality to all aspects of the massage experience from the highest quality of ingredients to the most beneficial massage which fits your needs.

Yoga whether for personal growth or finding strength to overcome a physical challenge will bring you into a strong sense of well being.

Meditation to calm the mind and bring you in to a more mindful approach to life.

Nutrition to replenish the body, fuel the mind and energize the soul to be the most authentic you, you can be!

Come delight in relaxation, therapy and luxury as you experience the road to better health.

"It is health that is real wealth not pieces of gold and silver.

- Mahatma Gandhi

Shalom Massage and Wellness
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Shalom Massage and Wellness

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Michelle Phay
 Licensed Massage Practitioner RYI,LN
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